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Our Story

I am Anamera

I am the commander and the custodian,
The source and the sustenance,
The mother, the daughter, the sister, the woman.
I seek to beguile, to bewitch,
To be the promise of a better tomorrow,
To bask in the joy of today,
To be the brightness and the reason for a smile
The pure happiness you seek.

I am Anamera,
Embodiment of land, sky, sea and stars,
I am real, I am raw, I am you.

To seek beauty, true beauty, you don’t have to go very far. It lies in the sunshine glinting off gleaming skyscrapers, in the moonlight illuminating an unforgettable evening, plunging into the depths of the ocean, in stars sparkling with infinite potential…in the sparkle of an eye. It is the enigmatic charm of a woman and her divine connection with the spirit of the world around her, Mother Earth.

Anamera was born to celebrate the earth in all her proud glory and unconditional gifts, the tangible that we so often take for granted and the raw emotions we so crave. Pleasure, pride, purpose, passion.

We revel in more than just the flawlessness of our carefully-sourced gems, the considered cut of our stones, the dazzling sheen of our gold and jewellery crafted proudly in the UAE. We revel in the rarest of all things - you. Without you, there would be no us. For as much as our jewellery may sparkle, it is your glow that brings it to life, that makes it yours, that makes it an object of true, transcendent captivation

Anamera, expressions of enchantment      

Expressions of You

Find Your Forever Treasure

Opulent rings to subtle necklaces, delicate anklets, bracelets, bangles, pure gold piercings and more, all our collections need is you.

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