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Tabby Policy


Anamera Shopping with Tabby: Easy Payments for Your Purchases

Here's the scoop on using Tabby for your Anamera shopping sprees:

Spread the Cost:

Simple and Secure:

  1. Add your preferred jewelry to your cart and head to checkout.

  2. Select Tabby as your payment method.

  3. Confirm your mobile number and email, then click "Continue."

  4. Enter the 4-digit code sent to your phone.

  5. That's it! Your order is placed.

Got a "Tabby Not Available" Message?

Don't worry! Contact Tabby at 800 82229 for approval assistance.

Shopping Limits:

Your Tabby limit depends on various factors like:

Need more details? Reach out to Tabby at 800 82229.

Why Can't I Use Tabby?

Tabby might decline your request due to their risk policies or terms and conditions. Contact them at 800 82229 for specifics.

Refunds with Tabby:

To learn more about our return and refund policies, and if you are eligible for a refund or return please visit:   

If you are eligible for a return or refund, Anamera will initiate your refund, and Tabby will credit the amount back to your card. Any remaining installments will be deducted from the refunded amount. For further details, contact Tabby at 800 82229.

When using Tabby as a payment method, any refund processing fees charged by Tabby will be the customer's responsibility.

So, skip the wait for payday and shop with the ease of Tabby at Anamera! Remember, responsible shopping is key, so always consider your budget before you splurge. Happy shopping!

For more information about Tabby payments, check the below:


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