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They say that when the cosmos wishes to reveal her secrets, she comes forth in the opal...each a universe unto itself. Ethereal, ephemeral, mysterious. No two are ever quite the same, yet each share the most breathtaking, almost artistic personality, one that you can imbue with – and make – your own.

Discover a collection inspired by the heavens above us, enigmatic in their beauty, infinite in their wisdom.


Milkyway Galaxy NecklaceMilkyway Galaxy Necklace
Milkyway Galaxy Necklace
AED 6,850.00
Four Skies NecklaceFour Skies Necklace
Four Skies Necklace
AED 7,490.00
Red Spot Opal NecklaceRed Spot Opal Necklace
Red Spot Opal...
AED 8,885.00
Fireworks Opal NecklaceFireworks Opal Necklace
Fireworks Opal Necklace
AED 7,275.00

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