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We weave dreams of gold and gemstones, We mold the light of the sun and moon, And we craft the beauty of nature, To create a piece of jewelry just for you.


Make your piece utterly one-of-a-king with an engraving of a date that brings back fond memories, a special message, a meaningful design, a symbol or anything in between! Simply drop us a message to explore the possibilities to make your Anamera piece even more special for years to come. 


Add a personal touch to our luxurious gold pieces by customising it with the name of you or loved one. Whether to elevate your piece or a gift for someone else, our name customisation service makes any piece just that much more sentimental, unique and thoughtful. 

Pearl Personalisation

Iridescent, subtle and inimitably timeless, Mother of Pearl is an ethereal material that lends itself perfectly to enrich any piece. The striking contrast between lustrous, inlaid pearl and the piece it is embedded within add a delightful aura of allure to your jewellery – it’s up to you whether to keep it for yourself or gift it to a loved one! 

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